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    Exclusive regional agency, for the user to provide show experience, sales promotion, after-sale protection, such as content of one-stop comprehensive service is a franchisee of the highest level, will enjoy company offers the advantages of resources support, help to expand the line management within the region store experience.
    Suit: store is bigger, capital strength is more abundant, have the cooperation of professional service team.
    The user is responsible for the line drive experience activities, provide meticulous and thoughtful sales service, embody the brand image of terminal front bird.
    Suit: the store is moderate, in order to show the form of the counter to join, itself can be engaged in relevant or different type of business partner
    Responsible for the maintenance of a full range of products, including maintenance, repair, maintenance, repair and other services.
    Suitable for: store is not large, and there are electric car sales and maintenance experience of the partners.
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