Leading Bird-Cross
A special rubber formula
The special rubber tires, with excellent grip, not only accommodate to the minor irregularities
on the road surface but effectively reduce the braking distance of the vehicle. The highly elastic rubber cover registers a strong capacity of deformation.
What’s the more important? Wallet or battery pack?
18650 ternary lithium battery Zero emission
20 km/ 30 km/ 50 km long endurance
3-6 h fast charge A strong power performance
The first beam of light directing to innovation
Leading Bird will light up your world
no matter it’s bright or dark outside.
Embedded LED headlights, illuminating your way.
For safety, you only need to hold the handlebars
Dual braking system secures your safety along the way.
The front electronic brake,
together with the two rear mechanical brakes,
significantly improves the responsiveness of the vehicle.
Exclusive PU ergonomic seat customization
Taiwan VELO custom luxury PU elastic seat, to meet all your vanity
X1-Cross, eminent for its capabilities.
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