Leading Bird X1
Easy transport, easy travelling
Follow your heart.
Watch the Leading Bird X1 video
Whether you’re an artistic young or a neo-gentleman
1/2 size of a suitcase, making travelling easier
Delicately built One step to fold
With an outer case of a minimalist design, Leading Bird X1 features an exquisite craftsmanship inside.
Painstaking attention to the smallest detail,
That you might not perceive
A pair of auto-retractable pedals Protecting your safety, saving every inch of space
Concealed shock absorbers
Invisible protection
Shock absorbers are installed in many parts of Leading
Bird X1. Driving at will, you will find it the most gentle and
reliable companion along the way.
A drive under your control brings the real sense of safety along the way.
The independently suspended rear wheels foster excellent cornering. The tilting three wheels bring you the most stability and sense of control.
Full of individuality
Wish your inner self to be always ablaze with colors even if the outside is dull and bleak.
Exquisite craftsmanship inside
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